my life is a fucking fail

so i was looking for something to make me feel better and nothing worked for like two hours but then i remembered that cherub is a thing

"Life is cruel and too short; bittersweet as early morning."

when people* post negative thoughts and insecurities of theirs and they’re fucking right

like oh did you expect me to feel bad for you and lie and tell you that oh no that’s not true people need you you’re not fat you’re gorgeous you’re not a total cunt at all oh you are so deserving of love poor honey baby let me coddle you until the end of time so you never have to grow up

feel free to wallow and whine and chop up your arms because fuck if i care and fuck if anyone else does either

i’m feeling rather vitriolic today

you make me cry and i’ll indirectly end your life because i know your weaknesses and i know how to break you so don’t fucking do it

*individuals with whom i am unable to sympathize because they’re spoiled fucking brats

I was right

My mother was right

My father was right

The nagging voice in the back of my head was right

Why didn’t I listen?

How nonsensical I have been as of late

So I’m officially overweight now. Life is so so wonderful.

I steal material things from people I have never met, while everyone I do know steals everything else from me.

Yeah that was a joke I’M GOING TO FUCKING DIE OH MY GOD

Pah pah paranoia

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